Asian Weddings In The Uk

Today, people in UK are crazy about Asian weddings. This has led to a huge spurt in the interest for these weddings.

These weddings are quite difficult to plan because they are so ostentatious. The mandap is the most important part of the wedding where the groom and the bride swap over their garlands. Since the mandap attracts everyone’s notice, it ought to be designed well with flowers. Today, the mandap is the place of the most staggering décor; it is decorated with inspiring accessories like flowers, which are placed in its backdrop. In addition, mandaps have to be decorated beautifully because all the wedding snaps with relatives will be taken here. A vivacious looking mandap will ensure that the wedding becomes a memorable event. The wedding stage should consist of beautiful materials and drapes of red and white color that add vibrancy to it.

A rajasthani Asian wedding is also in vogue where colors like gold and red are used. Pearls and silver are also used to add style to the wedding stage. The wedding stage is also the place where all the activity takes place, so it is quite important to give it the desired look.

The importance of the wedding stage exists in every kind of a wedding be it Pakistani, Sikh, Hindu or Punjabi.

The wedding mandap should be aesthetically enticing. People have really taken up in a big way to the Asian wedding style. That is why; British couples now want to listen to some sensuous Asian music and spicy food. People now want weddings to be styled on the theme of bolly wood movies like bend it like beckham. People are now adding all the laments of various cultures apart from Indian in their weddings. A bride in the traditional Christian white dress sways to some flamenco music grabbing some Indian food. The eclectic style of Asian weddings in the UK is truly happening now. The concept of statuesque domes and pillars has become quite popular. These wedding stages are available in a variety of shapes and styles. However, they can be modified as per your own requirements. Lights can also be added to the wedding mandaps.

The popularity of vegetarianism among British Indians has also led to opting for Indian styled weddings. The Indian cuisine has many delicious vegetarian dishes. The buffet set up also ensures that the costs are reduced. Therefore, along with buffet the need for entertainers has also arisen that can play live music for the eating guests. These entertainers can be dhol drummers who play some favorite Indian numbers. The caterers of Asian weddings in the UK provide arrangements for venues to music for their clients whose weddings sometimes consist of almost 1000 attendants.

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