Choosing an Asian Wedding Photographer

Choosing an Asian Wedding Photographer

In virtually every living room up and down the country, beautiful wedding photos in elegant frames take pride of place.  The pictures that are taken on your wedding day are images that will be treasured not only by you, the newly-wed couple, but also by your parents and, in future years, by your children and their children.

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Getting the right photographer for the day is crucial, so shop around until you find someone you’re entirely happy with.  Take a few tips from your wedding planner – this is what they will tell you to look out for:

  • Experience – even if your cousin’s son has just completed a photography course, this is not the day for amateurs.  Ask your photographer how long he’s been a professional, how many Asian weddings he’s photographed and expect to see an extensive portfolio to back this up.
  • Portfolio – naturally, any photographer is only going to show you his best work, so study the pictures carefully.  How’s the composition, the lighting, the setting?  Do the subjects look natural or posed?  Has he captured the emotion of the moment?
  • The Individual – if it’s company, insist on having the photographer that you’ve spoken to, whose work you’ve seen.  Don’t let them send someone else in his place.
  • The Charges – make sure you know exactly how much the photographer is going to charge for what.  How long will he be with you?  How many pictures does he expect to take?  How will he charge for his time and the images?  Does the price include a set number of pictures?  How much are extra prints?  Will he charge sundry expenses, such as for travel?  Who will own the negatives?

You will need to be entirely clear about your expectations: where and when you expect him to be present, photographs of particularly important moments, whether you want formal portraits of your guests, how long you expect him to stay at the reception, and if there are other events at which you will be requiring his presence.  Take magazine pictures that you particularly like to show him what you’re looking for and try to match the style of the photographer to the sort of pictures you want to have taken on the day.

It’s a lot to think about and in many ways this is just the time when a wedding planner really comes into their own.  They will be able to put forward a number of photographers whose work they trust and whose charges are reasonable.  Then all you’ll need to do is smile at the camera and enjoy the results.


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