Tips On Asian Bridal Beauty

When it comes to make-up for the Asian bride, professional help is more than advisable. It often happens that brides plan their outfits, jewellery, mehndi and even the hair, but overlook the make-up part, which is something that lets bridal beauty flower to its best. For every unique face, make-up is a personalised and carefully thought out process for the wedding day. A good make up enhances the best features on the bride’s face, not for the make up to look good, but for the bride to look her best with radiance and grace.

Tips for the best bridal look:

Sequence, colour and style – From a preparatory stage, followed by the correct sequence and technique, every step of building the make-up is important. It is always advised that you complete the hair bit before you start with make-up. Select the appropriate products, colours and styles that suit you for the wedding day. You may be good with doing your own make up on special occasions, but the one required for the wedding day can be a whole new thing in itself.

Skin – Your skin is the primary thing to get right before you start. If you are not regular with facials it is advised that you get a series of facials done before the wedding day. Once a month, for four months is good provided you give time for your skin to settle down before the wedding day. Your skin needs to be well moisturised for at least 10 minutes before you start the make up. You should take care to conceal your foundations in the right proportion to avoid extra light reflection or appearing too heavy with make-up in photographs.

Eyes - Firstly, for the eyes, it is important that you use shades that go with your outfit. Professional help can open you up to many shades that you had never thought will suit you or your outfit, but can work wonders. Mascaras come in different colours. Black is the one perfectly meant for the wedding day. It helps you look better in photographs, with your eyelashes appearing thicker, which does not happen with colours like brown or grey. You can even consider curling your eyelashes before applying the mascara. Also remember your eyebrows – a habit of regular shaping always makes it easy on the final day.

Lips – It is important that the colour you use for your lips do not clash with any other part, including your outfit. Already having primed your lips while applying the foundation, your lips will be ready for lipstick by putting a suitable moisturiser or balm which also helps the lipstick stay.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is that your beautician should get a good two and a half to three hours to be able to do his best. Relax, have a chilled out time, and a quick check and slight powder before you step out is definite to turn every head.

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