Choosing an Asian Wedding Photographer

In virtually every living room up and down the country, beautiful wedding photos in elegant frames take pride of place.  The pictures that are taken on your wedding day are images that will be treasured not only by you, the newly-wed couple, but also by your parents and, in future years, by your children and their children.

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Questions to Ask Your Asian Wedding Planner...

Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  As well as the traditional photographer, these days no wedding is complete without a videographer to film the ceremony, the speeches, the first dance and the cutting of the cake.  But out of the ranks of videographers who specialise in Asian wedding videos, how will you know which one to choose?  This is the one film in which you will be the s

When it comes to getting married, this is your first big decision together. Get the venue right, and you have the basic building block for a great wedding. But if you get it wrong, your problems will spiral. So before you even start to look around, make sure you both have it clear in your minds what sort of wedding you're planning to have - elegant and intimate or a grand spectacle.

Choosing Asian Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding probably represents the largest party you’ll ever throw, so of course you want everybody to remember it.  As well as sumptuous food and a graceful location, another vital ingredient is the entertainment you lay on for your guests.  Obviously you’ll need either live music or top-rate DJ to get your guests up and dancing, but the most memorable weddings tend to include furt

The OccAsianZ Indispensable Wedding Checklist

So you’ve just got engaged and this time next year you’ll be walking down the aisle.  But between now and then lies a world of planning, scheduling and decision making. 

Choosing Asian Wedding Caterers

What do people remember about a wedding apart from the beauty of the bride?  The catering.  Ensuring that your guests are lavishly wined and dined is one of the most important aspects to the successful Asian wedding.  Get it right and the day will run smoothly, your guests will be delighted and you’ll be able sit back and bask in the glory of a job well done.  Getting it wro


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